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the days are passing much too fast. [15 Nov 2007|12:55pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

i haven't updated ;ate;y because i'm super busy all the freaking time! only a few more weeks left of this semester, and then i hope i get a better schedule that isn't so hectic. i'm sick of doing 52 hours up at the hospital a week and only getting paid for one day since the rest are preceptor days. then i also have an english class, my college algebra class, and my nursing final and hesi to study for. they want us to do 3,000 nclex questions before hesi, and we have to meet w/ our advisor every week to show proof that we are actually doing the questions. it sucks.

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poison ivy. [06 Nov 2007|02:30pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

title or description

title or description

i went as poison ivy for halloween. to see the rest of the pics, got to my myspace:

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::title title:: [19 Oct 2007|12:02pm]
[ mood | busy ]

i haven't updated in quite some time. why? 'cuz i'm busy as all living hell! i have a nursing test every week, no joke, and not to mention college algebra and english online classes and work. yeah it sucks, BUUUUTTTT, i only have 3 more days of class left, and then i start my preceptor in the medical icu at hillcrest. yay! i have to complete 136 hours of that and take a final and then i'm DONE!

today i have a to-do list from hell. i also have to get my blood taken and a flu shot. the flu shot doesn't hurt, but i no likey getting my blood taken.

i need to know if anyone is interested in going to my graduation ceremony on december 15th at 2:00 pm. it's our nursing pinning ceremony, so it's only my small nursing class of 50 people, so it won't be too long. for some reason mcc doesn't allow us to have this ceremony on their campus, so it's at the lorena performing arts center(NOT my choice) i think it should've been in waco, but whatever. if you want to attend, please email me your address. i'm making my own invitations which will have a graduation pic of me on them, hehe. i'm also saying the benediction at the ceremony which is neato. alright, well just let me know.

ok, i need to go do all my shiznit.

p.s. sara has sexy hair!!!!

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oncology owns me right now. [24 Sep 2007|01:58am]
[ mood | nervous ]

ok, so i'm basically pulling an all nighter. my first nursing test is today, and i'm nervous as all hell. i'm nervous 'cuz it's my last semester, and i don't want to mess up. i'm having to be super quiet 'cuz bobby is sleeping and so are all the birdies. so i'm taking a study break. i also have to practice for my skills checkoff today over trach care. meh. i took a nodoz to stay awake and i believe it is working well since i rarely ingest caffeine. bobby was upsset that i had to stay up late. i told myself i wouldn't do this crap this semester, and i'm determined not to do it again. my next test is next monday, so i will start studying for it right after this one darnit, so i don't have to stay up late the night before.

in other news, i'm enjoying the crickets chirping behind me. we normally have around 3-4 dozen crickets in a little cage that we feed to artoo throughout the week, but their chirps are relaxing to me. poor crickets, but we gotta feed our baby.

ok, so i'm stressed and my back hurts from leaning over reading my books and making flashcards. meh. ok, i'm going to go eat something. wish me luck on my test. it's over cancers for those wondering.

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ffffaaaalllll come to me. [17 Sep 2007|12:25pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

so i'm bored even though i have tons to do and class at 3. meh. it looks all hot and summery outside today which sucks. fall, come on and get here!!! september 23rd = 1st official day of autumn, everyone!

so i have my halloween costume picked out, and i've got half of it bought. the rest i'm going to have to buy later on and i will have to make some stuff for it as well. i'm keeping what it is a secret though until i feel like telling. i may just post it in a picture post. we shall see. but it's cool and sexy.

i found out that i will not have a graduation ceremony in december. mcc doesn't do december ceremonies. poo. so i have the option of walking across the stage in may. fuck that. just give me my diploma, and i'll be content. besides, we're having a nursing pinning ceremony which is like our special graduation ceremony.

i'm designing my own invitations for the event. i like doing stuff like that.

eh, i should go. i have to write an essay today and study for a college algebra test for tomorrow.

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autumn [10 Sep 2007|07:22am]
[ mood | sore ]

haven't updated in a while. i'm not too sure why i'm up this early since i don't have to be up for quite a while, and i got to bed late.

met a couple of my mom's friends last night. one was a girl from england with such a thick accent and an inability to stop talking. all funny and interesting things though. it was fun.

school has only been in session for 2 weeks, but it feels like it's been going on for much longer. meh. i don't think i will ever take another college math class online where i have to teach myself everything. bleh.

turned in my application to texas tech yesterday for my bsn(bachelors of science in nursing). we'll see what happens there 'cuz they just changed their prereqs to include visual arts/performing arts, and that's the one thing i have never taken in college. they did have it to where it was just 6 hours of humanities. so now i may have to freaking wait. guh. i hope not 'cuz this change is so recent, i'mt alking like a month ago it wasn't there.

today i have my nursing school pictures at mcc. the ones that will be in the health careers building FOREVER. lol. we have to wear white collared shirts. i looked in my closet, and i had none. i actually had a total of 3 white shirts, 2 tank tops, and one nirvana shirt. i'm not a fan of white on me. so i went to the mall yesterday to find one, and i was in shock at how expensive some plain white collared shirts were. the most expensive had to be $96. geez. but i got a cheap one, but i still hate that we have to wear white, but it makes sense.

we started feeding jezebel fuzzy mice, but the other night, we watched her eat one, and then the next day, we saw the mouse in her cage. i guess she threw it back up w/o digesting it??? she ate the first one we ever gave her just fine. i thought she was sick, but bobby said she did that once with a pinky mouse. hmmm, we'll see. maybe she's not quite big enough for the fuzzies.

i cannot wait for october 25th. that's when we start our preceptors at school. no more lecture! no more lab! no more clinical! just following a nurse around and doing their job for a bit, then a final. and done. that is if i'm able to pass all the tests and whatnot. that would suck to get this far and fuck it all up the last semester.

cat mentioned in her post that she can feel fall coming, and i've been getting all fall-happy these past few days as well! we went to michael's and bought some spooky town stuff to add to our collection and to our surprise it was 25% off, and i bought some autumn scrapbook paper, and we went to target to look at halloween stuff, but alas, only candy out right now. eeeee. i keep looking for the perfect fall picture to put as the background of my computer, but i can't find one i'm completely in love with.

ok, i'm starving, and havea toaster stroudel(??? spelling) waiting for me. mmm oldschool stylr breakfast.

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let's play nurse and doctor. [23 Aug 2007|10:13pm]
[ mood | determined ]

i've decided to become pre-med again. all i have to do is take 6 classes, and i have all my pre reqs, so why not? why not apply for med school while applying for other master degress and see what i get offered. that's the plan. i like to push myself to succeed.

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nurse Lindz [25 Jul 2007|11:57am]
[ mood | giddy ]

i'm officially a licensed vocational nurse, and i'm posting it everywhere 'cuz i worked hard for this!!! =)

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throw away the past [21 Jul 2007|09:18pm]
i haven't posted in ages it seems!!!! i kinda started posting more on myspace 'cuz all of my lj friends have myspace plus i have even more friends there. but i will probably start posting more on here again.

sara made a post about an ex of hers sending her stuff back that she had given him, etc. and it made me realize that i still have some stuff of jason's, and i don't know what to do with it. one thing is like 5 art canvases from their pearl cd that i bought at a show once. one is a special canvas jason had made for me with the pic of berto, him, and shay that was on their cd. i was going to give this to him and erin as a wedding gift, but i don't like either of them, so i don't know what i should do with this. i thought about throwing it away, but i don't know if i should. i also have 2 shirts that his dad made back in the day. i will probably just mail those to his parents's house since they were always really nice to me. and then the last is a rash guard that he gave me. anyhow, i wanted to know anyone's opinions on what to do. keep in mind that this is a guy who completely lied about me and our past resulting in warped opinions of me. and this is the guy that i dumped for lying to me repeatedly in our 2.5 year relationship.

ok, it's a saturday, and me and bobby are going out! woop!
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[13 Apr 2006|12:55am]
[ mood | quixotic ]

evey and harper

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sneaky [12 Apr 2006|10:42pm]
i'm confused about something...everyone i know has a break for easter, but i don't. i don't get it??? will someone please clue me in here. i don't get out early in classes or anything like that. it's never been like that in college but now it seems like it is. i'm confused. i'm happy for those that get a break though. =)

i don't need a break right now anyway because i only have 5 more actual days of class and then 2 test days, an evaluation day, and a class party day. woo hoo!

i'm out on may 1st! i can't wait! and tomorrow i'm turning in an application to a certain place and once i find out if i get the job or not i will tell you all where. ;)
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new picture [23 Feb 2006|10:19pm]
i put up a new picture on my myspace account. go check it out. it's of me and kevin. =)

here's a link to it:

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[18 Mar 2004|03:19am]
Friends Only. Leave a comment, and I'll add you if you're not already on my list.
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[27 Sep 2003|11:05am]
Holy Ghost Revival
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